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Silicon oil

Silicone formulations are used to lower this surface tension and introduce lubricity into the mud, thus defoaming and eliminating air in the drilling fluid Silicone foam control solutions (also referred to as anti-foams or defoamers) are recognized as the material of choice because they offer several advantages compared to organic or mineral substances. First, silicone defoamers prevent foam from occurring upstream and reduce it more quickly and efficiently when it does occur (known as the knockdown effect). Second, they are more resistant to chemical corrosion and temperature variations. Third, the quantities of silicone anti-foam products needed to achieve the required effects are much lower than other products and offer more durable lower surface tension, especially important in complex and long-lasting processes. Third, they are inert and therefore safer for people and the environment We offer wide range of viscosity of silicon oil as per customer requirements.


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